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About the Project  

Our project's goal is to provide pro bono legal representation to low-income people with disabilities whose monthly benefits may be reduced by SSA due to a possible overpayment.

SSI/SSDI Overpayment Project Training Resources Get Involved  

Volunteer: Information and Training Resources
Explains the purpose of the SSI/SSDI Overpayment Pro Bono Project, the assistance Project volunteers will provide clients, and the substantive support available to Project volunteers.

Where to Start: Overviews of Overpayments and Social Security Programs
Explains how to figure out if your case is an appeal, wavier, or negotiation. Provides an overview of benefits through the Social Security programs, the differences between these benefit programs, and legal sources that govern SSA's programs.

SSI and SSDI Overpayments and Appeals: Overview
Explains how overpayments occur, Notices of Overpayment, SSA's appeals process, and SSA's options for collecting a claim for overpayment from someone.

Filing an Appeal and Disputing an Overpayment
Explains filing a Request for Reconsideration in an overpayment case, rules for late appeals, and sources of overpayments for SSDI and SSI beneficiaries.

Requesting a Waiver for an Overpayment
Explains the requirements for qualifying for a Waiver of an overpayment of benefits under the SSI and SSDI programs. Includes citations to SSA regulations and POMS as well as steps to request a Waiver.

Negotiating Repayment Plans with SSA
Explains the grounds for requesting that SSA reduce the repayment amount owed by a SSDI or SSI beneficiary in overpayment cases.

To learn more about volunteering, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), appealing and disputing overpayments, requesting waivers, and negotiating settlements with SSA, please explore the links on this page. 

Still have questions about the project?  Contact Kelly Tautges, Director of Pro Bono at The Chicago Bar Foundation.

This project is supported by the following legal aid organizations, who also developed the content for this webpage: Health and Disability Advocates (HDA); AIDS Legal Council of Chicago; Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago; and Equip for Equality. Special thanks to HDA and AIDS Legal for their work on this content.


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